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Georgi Dimitrov Georgiev

Fire Born Art

Wildlife and Portrait Wood Burning Artist

Raised in the mountainous surroundings of Etropole, a quaint town in Bulgaria, Georgi’s artistic talents were evident to his community from a very young age, around five. By the time he was 10, he was already crafting Christmas posters for the local bank, adorning events with his art, and creating numerous artistic gifts and cards. His dedication and creative fervor caught the attention of Nikolay Georgiev, a renowned Bulgarian landscape and portrait painter who led an art community. Georgi was invited to join as one of its youngest members.

Under Georgiev’s mentorship, Georgi flourished, participating in numerous courses and exhibitions in Etropole. Despite financial struggles at home, Georgiev supported Georgi’s artistic journey, both as a mentor and a friend, helping him to see a world where his innate talent had no limits. Their bond remains unbreakable to this day.

Georgi’s journey in art led him to experiment with various techniques. Upon discovering pyrography, he was captivated by its potential to express his profound admiration for nature. As a self-taught artist in this medium, his work continuously evolves, becoming ever more intricate and refined.

Now residing in the United Kingdom, Georgi often collaborates with organizations dedicated to raising awareness about endangered species and environmental conservation.

His art is driven by the emotions evoked by the beauty observed in our world, immortalizing these feelings in his creations, and leaving a lasting impression on those who experience his work.

Invite nature in your home. Experience again emotions of a memory. Give an original and authentic gift for a loved one.

Wood Burning Artist Georgi Deorgiev


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